Hospital Lift

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Hospital Elevator

Hospital stretcher elevator is primarily for moving stretchers with patients up and down in a hospital. This product is of great workmanship and trouble free performance from arrow stable. this elevator comes in various capacities for stretcher with patient, related critical care equipment accompanying hospital staff and patient's relatives. these elevators are designed to meet very high standards of safety and disruption free performance for hospitals, nursing homes and other health care centres.

Standard Function

  • Over speed protection
  • Down collective control
  • WVF drive
  • WVF drive for door operator
  • Emergency light
  • Self diagnosis of breakdown Automatic leveling with
  • Ground floor on power restoration
  • Floor position and direction indicator in car and landings
  • Home landing
  • Terminal approach slowdown for safety
  • Final limit protection
  • Attend operation for no stop destination landing
  • Direction change function in attend mode
  • Independent operation
  • Emergency alarm
  • Full curtain infrared door safety (for automatic elevator)
  • Fireman switch (above g+7)

Optional Function

  • Voice announcement (any language)
  • Car LCD display with message
  • Duplex control
  • Group supervision function
  • VIP service (for elevator group)
  • Traffic regulation for elevator group
  • Close loop system to monitor motor performance
  • Detection of stuck hall button to skip landing
  • Advance detection of floor before landing