Goods Lifts

'WAYNE HIKRON GOODS LIFT' is yet another prestigious, most reliable product from Wayne Hikron, developed and manufactured since last three decades. It is an ideal vertical lifting system, made as very sturdy and compact with optimum space utility.
Hydraulic Goods Lift is manufactured to a capacity of 3,000 Kgs. & Lifting Height of 15 Meters (4 Floors).


The self supported load bearing lift structure is precisely fabricated from alloy steel section and plates. This structure will be grouted at the base level and supported at landing levels and top. The lifting car is lifted along the structure on heavy duty rollers by a high precision hydraulic cylinder, with optimum frictionless movements. The Hydraulic system is designed for its best efficiency, using components and accessories from world renowned manufacturers. Electrical control made from world class switch gear will have control circuits of 440 V AC, which will be restricted within the power pack & motor. All control circuit is of 24V-12V DC.


  • All safety codes as per IS 6305 (Part II/1980/10.1) are incorporated and followed for lifting devices and lifting the car as per IS 6305 (part II/1980/11.4) and IS 6305 (Part II/1980/11/5).
  • Mechanical stopper to stop overshooting of maximum lifted level.
  • Mechanical emergency braking system (our special design -Patent pending) to hold the car in position in case of any accidental failure of lifting gear.
  • Overload relief valve to divert the supply of oil back to tank in case of overloading.
  • Hose brake safety valve to stop any leakage caused due to hose brake.
  • Special 'Zero-leakage' load holding valve to maintain the load at lifted level in case of power failure.
  • Overload relay for overload protection of motor.
  • Single phase preventer for protection of motor.
  • Cut off limit switches/signals for location & positioning.
  • Fuses and MCB's for control and operations.
  • 24 V DC for control system / 12 V Signal system.
  • AC Power supply within control panel and power pack only.


  • Easy to install without any structural alterations, even in old buildings.
  • Power saving upto 80% compared to traction system.
  • Lowest space requirement.
  • Battery back-up for lowering on power failure.
  • No Pit or machine room.
  • Lowest maintenance & downtime.
  • Hydraulic Goods Lift with a wide range of size, capacity, feature and - control options.
  • Use of the latest well tried and tested hydraulic technology ensures high reliability and optimum performance.
  • Specially recommended for clean rooms & flame proof areas.